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Canary Islands is an archipelago of seven islands off the Atlantic Sahara coast, only one hundred miles away from the African continent, however its people and culture has greatly influenced by its strategic geographical position, halfway among three continents. Its importance as a shipping route between Europe and America has a very long history: Christopher Columbus provisioned water and food in the Canary Islands on his voyage of discovery of the New World.


In 1492 some of the islands had already been brought under the Crown of Castile. Its aboriginal population, of the north african neolithic age, was decimated by the Spanish, although some of their customs were preserved (names, eating habits, clay pottery and ceramics, etc.). Later on, besides mixing between Natives and Spaniards, Canary Islands began a mixing cultural and population process that have marked its history. Portuguese colonizers, African slaves, Jews, Maltese, Genoese, etc., arrived on their shores too.


The relationships of the Canary Islands with America, especially Cuba, Uruguay, Puerto Rico and Venezuela have been very fruitful over the last three centuries, as a result of the emigration of canaries to those countries, where they founded cities and towns and become part of emerging Creole societies. But curiously canaries, excellent farmers and colonizers, reach the southern U.S. territories; as well San Antonio Texas is founded by Canarian settlers.


MESTISAY is one of the most popular bands of the Canary Islands, where folk music lives in all its forms, from the most traditional, particularly linked to festivals and country fairs and family tradition, to the most advance Music. Mestisay hoard multiple influences, coming from Canarian musical roots, although also incorporates sounds from countries and communities with extensive relationship with the Canary Islands: Portuguese Music, in a common atlantic way, Bolero, through the Mexicans and Cuban films from 40s, African music geographically so close to Canarian archipelago.


All this work forms a musical synthesis that insists in the perviousness and mixing of the Canarian culture. A kind of music, which could be considered as "Atlantic". The group has recorded 15 albums throughout its history and has developed several projects including highly successful theatrical productions.


The band has toured more than 20 countries across three continents. In the U.S. (American record label ITUITON released its album "La Rosa de los Vientos" a few years ago). They have been performing concerts in several cities: Chicago, San Antonio Texas, etc. They´ll return to Miami on 10 May to share the stage with the Cuban singer Albita and Eva Ayllon from Peru.


Most of its discography is played by OLGA CERPA, the female voice of the group. Very popular in the Canary Islands, OLGA CERPA is considered as the most important female voice of the Canarian popular music over the last two decades, wich is possible for a remarkable vocal power, artistic personality and extraordinary scenic imprint.


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